May 19, 2011 Update

by Nate on May 19, 2011

At the public library here in Steeleville, IL. My last day in the great state of Illinois. Honestly can’t believe I’ll be in Missouri tomorrow, crazy. It’s been quite a while since the last update, and tons of great stuff has happened!

Latest videos below and the photos are on the Facebook page as always.


May 12, 2011 Update

by Nate on May 12, 2011

Here in Carmi, IL. It’s been a great few days in Illinois so far. Nice and flat, and HOT. Hit 90+ degrees yesterday, but I really enjoyed it. I’d much rather be hot than cold :-)

Below are the latest videos and photos are on the Facebook page as always.

One of the videos is a special one addressing a question that I got from Karol Gajda. If you have anything you’d like me to do a video on, let me know and I’ll try to do that for ya!


May 8, 2011 Update

by Nate on May 9, 2011

Here in Princeton, IN at the Hampton Inn (I explain how in the last video). Today was my last full day of walking in Indiana! Will be in Illinois in about 10 miles or so. It’s been an amazing stretch through southern Indiana.

Below are the latest videos and new photos are on the Facebook page.

ROUTE IN ILLINOIS: If you or someone you know is along or near this route and would be willing to help me out with a place to camp, let me know by calling me at 207-446-2688. Leave a voicemail if I don’t answer!

Route: Following route 1 south from Mt Carmel to Carmi, then route 14 west to a bit south of Du Quoin, U.S. route 51 south for a few miles to Elkville, then county road 8 (Elkville Rd.) west to around Vergennes, route 13/127 south a few miles to hook up with route 4 west to Ava, then route 151 south to hook up with route 3 to Chester. A completely crazy route that might not make sense to a lot of y’all, but I like it :-) I basically just want to stay WAY away from St. Louis.


May 5, 2011 Update

by Nate on May 5, 2011

Here in French Lick, Indiana at the French Lick Resort.  I can’t say enough about this area I’ve been spending time in. Just like all of the many places I’ve been in the last two months, it feels like home. I have all kinds of little homes all over the place now.

I will without question be returning to this place in the future. I explain more in the videos below and you can check out my photos on the Facebook page. I’m posting this late at night and planning to take a few photos of the resort in the morning before I hit the road so those will be posted later!

I apologize for the very poor lighting in the last video. You’d think I would get the hang of this eventually :-)


April 30, 2011 Update

by Nate on April 30, 2011

Here in Scottsburg, Indiana. The last couple of days have been beautiful. Really enjoying my time here in southern Indiana so far. Below are the latest videos and the new photos are on the Facebook page.

I’ve now been on the road 2 months, crazy. Time flies when you’re having fun I guess!


April 26, 2011 Update

by Nate on April 26, 2011

Coming to you from Warsaw, KY. Should be in Indiana later today (hopefully). The weather has been a bit on the bad side recently, but I think there is a sunny day or two coming up (once again, hopefully).

I’m wet and pretty smelly but just as happy as can be.

Below are the latest videos and new photos are on the Facebook page.


April 19, 2011 Update

by Nate on April 19, 2011

Here in Morrow, OH. Enjoyed some pretty crazy weather last night in my tent, I really like watching and hearing thunderstorms and rain, as long as I’m not out there to get wet! I’ll explain how I got a great place to camp and hang out in the video below.

Currently taking the day off due to the continued bad weather, but hitting the road in the AM rain or shine towards Cincinnati. Only about 30 miles outside the city right now.

A few new photos on the Facebook page

NAME CHOSEN: I’ve chosen a name for my backpack. After many wonderful suggestions (thank you all!), the one that caught my attention was…. Wilson. Stan Scott suggested it in the last post and I almost instantly knew that was the one. It’s a reference to the movie Castaway, where Tom Hank’s character’s only friend during his time on the island is a volleyball named Wilson. Love it.


April 16, 2011 Update

by Nate on April 16, 2011

Here in Washington Court House, OH. Got a hotel room last night because I couldn’t quite beat the weather to a camping area! Was nice to relax and watch some TV :-)

Below are the latest videos, and the newest photos are on the Facebook page.

Note to self: stop recording with the sun behind you. Will work on that! Ha.

ALSO IMPORTANT: Looking to name my backpack, and I’m definitely taking suggestions. I spend all day with this monster, and I’d like it to have a name. Maybe I’m just losing my mind slowly. Anyway, suggestions in the comments would be appreciated.


April 13, 2011 Update

by Nate on April 13, 2011

Here in Laurelville, Ohio using the internet and grabbing lunch at The Ridge Inn Restaurant, a very nice place. Ken and Adele Browne actually took me here for dinner last night (they were amazing hosts). Ended up taking the day off yesterday due to bad weather and hanging out at their house. A great day off! Heading toward Circleville tomorrow and hooking up with Route 22, which I’ll follow all the way to Cincinnati.

Latest videos below and new photos on the Facebook Page in the Ohio album.

And a big apology to Heike Perko, I mispronounced your name in the video! Ooops. I think I was just a bit too excited to have a place to sleep indoors.


April 9, 2011 Update

by Nate on April 9, 2011

Here in Athens, Ohio. Glad to be in a new state! Below are the latest videos and there are new photos on the Facebook page.

Going to find a restaurant here in Athens that’s been highly recommended and hopefully get some lunch, and pay for it with some cash that a really nice guy gave me a couple days ago after we spent a couple minutes talking about what I’m doing! He told me to buy myself a meal, so that’s what I’m going to do :-) People continue to amaze me with their kindness.

Mentioned in one of the videos: Susan from Marietta Run Clay, the Blue Bird Pottery. PLEASE take the time to check that place out if you’re ever near this part of Ohio, it’s well worth it.